5 Awesome Benefits of Propel® Orthodontics

Do you look in the mirror and wish your teeth could be straighter? Do want your smile to be more dazzling? But is the thought of wearing braces or Invisalign® aligners for a year or two way too daunting? Two years is a long time, especially for a high school student. Propel® Orthodontics, also called accelerated orthodontics, may be a good option for you, and it’s available here at Lansdowne Orthodontics.

New advances in orthodontics can help you straighten your teeth faster than ever before. Propel® helps speed up the movement of your teeth into the right position — while you wear braces or aligners. During a Propel® Orthodontics procedure, Dr. Navin Hukmani, makes small perforations, or dimples, into the bone to make your teeth more flexible and able to move more efficiently.

We can use Propel® on teenagers or adults. Interested? Here are five benefits to using Propel® Orthodontics:

Better smile faster

Obviously, the No. 1 benefit is that you don’t have to wear braces as long as you would have to wear them without Propel® Orthodontics. With Propel®, you’re finished with braces 50% faster than with just traditional braces or Invisalign alone. Most people need braces for less than a year with Propel®. Did we mention Propel® cuts the time you need to wear braces in half?

Fewer visits to the orthodontist

As much as we know you love coming here to the orthodontist, you don’t have to make as many visits with Propel®. Because the time you’re wearing your braces is shorter than traditional braces alone, you make far fewer trips to the orthodontist, which saves you time and money.

No recovery time

The treatment is minimally invasive and, with the use of a local anesthetic, relatively pain-free. It’s also a quick in-office procedure that will have you out the door and back to your daily activities with no need for downtime.

Improved dental health

Straighter teeth mean teeth and gums that are easier to clean and floss. Overcrowding or misalignment can make it challenging to floss and brush properly. With straighter teeth in a shorter time, your dental health gets a boost, as with traditional braces. You’ll also be able to chew, bite, and speak better.

Works with both braces and Invisalign

Whether you choose to wear ceramic, lingual, or metal braces or Invisalign aligners, you can use Propel® to speed up the time spent wearing either braces or aligners. You still need to watch what you eat, though, and follow good oral hygiene habits.

The bottom line is that Propel® straightens your teeth as effectively as braces or Invisalign alone but in much less time. If you want to look better for your wedding, a school reunion, a prom, or any other upcoming event, Propel® Orthodontics can help improve your smile within months so you can be camera-ready in time for the big day.

For more information or to find out if you’re a good candidate for accelerated orthodontics, call Lansdowne Orthodontics with offices in Leesburg and South Riding, Virginia.

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