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Navin Hukmani, DDS

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Kristi N.

To say that Dr. Hukmani has changed my life would be an understatement. I had braces from age 12 to 16. The orthodontist at the time recommended I have jaw surgery, however my Mother was against it as it wasn’t considered to be “medically necessary”. I began having debilitating migraines at age 14 which continued into adulthood. I had CT Scans, MRI’s, bloodwork, etc but the cause of the migraines could not be determined. I was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea in my mid-20’s and required a CPAP (during testing I had an “episode” of apnea on average 22 times per hour). I was unable to breathe through my nose and suffered terrible seasonal allergies and sinus infections. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-30’s that an oral surgeon determined the cause of my headaches AND Sleep Apnea to be related to my jaw. I had a congenital jaw deformity – basically one side of my jaw either stopped growing before the other, or one had grown more than the other…..which resulted in asymmetry. I was very aware of this once I reached puberty. My self-esteem was very low and I loathed having my picture taken. My health insurance at the time did not cover the jaw corrective surgery as it was considered cosmetic, so I continued to suffer. By this point we discovered that I now have kidney damage from all of the pain medicine I had been on to help relieve the migraines. In 2016 I received a notice that my health insurance now covered the jaw surgery IF you met certain criteria….I met EVERY SINGLE ONE. I started my journey at the surgeon’s office, who referred me to Dr. Hukmani. Dr. Hukmani was optimistic from the start and I felt totally at ease! We started on the journey right away. I was to wear braces for a year to year & ½, have the surgery, braces for another 6-8 months then retainer. The closer it came to surgery the more nervous I got. If I’m being honest I had second thoughts….having both sides of my jaw – top & bottom broken, mouth being “wired” shut for weeks….I was terrified. Dr. Hukmani and his staff were SO understanding, supportive and confident that this would turn my life around…..AND IT DID!! I cannot thank them all enough for reassuring me that I had made the right decision. I could not have been in better hands! I am so grateful for the LIFE Dr. Hukmani has given me. Not a single headache since surgery, no more CPAP machine, allergy/sinus issues have improved, and I can BREATHE from my nose. I had no idea that a misaligned jaw could cause so much “chaos”, but Dr. Hukmani did. I am now a year and 3 months post-op and could not be any happier with the results. When he showed me at my consultation how my bite would look after surgery, with treatment with braces I was like “there is NO way my teeth will EVER look like that!” (to myself of course). I had a crazy open bite on the right side – I could stick probably 2 fingers in when I was biting down. There is no way that could be fixed, right?? Well, he proved me wrong. My bite is exactly like he showed me it would be….I was (and still am) floored at the results! I cannot thank Dr. Hukmani enough for the new, beautiful smile and pain-free life he has gifted me with. He and his staff are AMAZING!!!

Rohan C.

Choosing Dr. Hukmani as my orthodontist is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Along with an excellent staff, Dr. Hukmani strives to ensure that every one of his patients leaves with a perfect smile on their face. My treatment was a difficult one that needed good cooperation between both my dentist and Dr. Hukmani. Without this offices stellar services, my treatment wouldn’t have happened as quickly and flawlessly as it did. Even my dentist mentioned how excellent the orthodontist I choose was! If you are deciding on an orthodontist to trust with your smile, Dr. Hukmani will certainly do an excellent job. I can’t thank him enough for the superb job that he has done.

Kim D.

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Hukmani and the entire amazing staff at the Lansdowne office. Dr. Hukmani and his remarkable team have done a phenomenal job in taking care of me for the past three years. Through his expertise and precision services, my quality of life has improved significantly! Dr. Hukmani and his wonderful staff are the most personable, dedicated, caring and professional team that I have the privilege to encounter. I am happy to be a reference for any future patients, who wants to hear an extremely happy and successful story when facing a long and hard journey like mine.

Philip H.

If you choose to have your orthodontic work handled by Dr. Hukmani, you can rest assured that it will be done with care. I was slightly fearful when I learned from my dentist that I needed to get braces; however, I felt reassured after my initial consultation with Dr. Hukmani. He treats each of his patients respectfully and professionally, making it clear that he cares about each and every one of them. Dr. Hukmani is the one who put in, oversaw the regular adjustment of, and now took out my braces, with the result being a perfectly aligned set of teeth. And I truly am pleased with the result. If you are looking for a skilled orthodontist, I strongly recommend that you choose Dr. Hukmani.

Kanwal Q.

From our evaluation appointment to today, Dr. Hukmani and his staff have been wonderful. At each appointment, we’ve received clear / concise explanations of what will happen and what the next steps are (and a print out of the treatment explanation). Any concerns (even the silly questions about what to avoid) have been addressed. My daughter, 9, is told in clear / concise manner of what’s happening, what the next steps are, and what her daily responsibilities are regarding her appliance / treatment. She comes out after every appointment with a smile on her face and looks forward to the next appointment and the next phase of her treatment. We couldn’t be more pleased with the treatment we’ve received to date.

Austen F.

I am very happy with the results and would strongly recommend Dr. Hukmani. He and his staff are very professional and did an excellent job.

Elizabeth K.

Dr. Hukmani and his team are the best! For the past two years they have made my experience with braces actually enjoyable. They are all so professional, caring, and knowledgeable. I could not be happier with the results and I love how beautiful my smile is. I highly recommend Dr. Hukmani!

Jonah H.

I had a fantastic experience at Lansdowne Orthodontics. Dr. Hukmani and his team are exceptional and create a very welcoming atmosphere.

Ray F.

Dr. Hukmani is a perfectionist who runs an incredibly friendly and efficient office. Over 20 office visits and my average wait time was less than 2 minutes. I appreciated the quick service and am thrilled with the results… my new smile!

Eileen P.

I have brought all 4 of my kids to doctor Hukmani. He has given them beautiful smiles . So beautiful that I decided to treat myself to braces as a 50 year old. I was there for my kids appointments anyway . My teeth were shifting as I aged. I did regular braces for 17 months . My teeth never looked better . Dr Hukmani is a perfectionist and he uses every tool available to get you a great smile . The office runs very smoothly, it’s easy to schedule appointments and they are very friendly . My kids felt very comfortable seeing Dr. Hukmani and his staff . I highly recommend them !!! After all these years of crooked front teeth

Amelia F.

It was a great experience to have Dr. Hukmani help fix my child’s teeth. He’s a very professional and friendly doctor. I highly recommend choosing him as an orthodontic.

Victoria S.

Dr. Hukmani is the consummate professional and perfectionist. This was my second round of orthodontics (first round was about 20 years ago) and it couldn’t have gone better. Dr. Hukmani addressed all of my concerns and developed a plan of care addressing many issues that I had – a congenital baby tooth that needed to be removed, misaligned bite and jaw, coordination with an oral surgeon for a dental implant. He jokes that everyone always refers him to the complicated cases but there is a reason why they do! He is a master at his craft. His staff is equally professional, always courteous, and I rarely had to wait before being seen. I receive compliments all the time about my beautiful smile!

Natalia N.

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. The professionalism of this office is amazing. Staff has always been helpful and Dr. Hukmani is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and always makes it a point to speak with you after every appt. Three of my family used Dr. Hukmani’s practice and our smiles couldn’t be more beautiful!

Ximena L.

We really love being here because the attention and the service was super good and we are happy, my child teeth are better than ever. The wait time was short, all the staff was friendly and kind. I would strongly recommend this location, Dr. Hukmani and his team.

Karen S.

My experience with Dr. Hukmani was overall excellent and I will definitely recommend his practice for orthodontic needs.

Jennifer N.

Dr Hukmani and his staff are absolutely top notch!!! Our first of three children just graduated out of braces and we couldn’t be more happy! Not only is her smile beautiful, our journey through her treatment was a smooth process. The staff is the friendliest I have ever met and I love the appointment reminders via email and phone! Dr. Hukmani is extremely thorough and patient in explaining his treatment plan for you/your child. It is amazing to look back at the before and after pictures!!! We feel fortunate our children are under is care and expertise!!

Luis M.

Dr. Hukmani and his staff have been nothing short of excellent. In 2008 I went to him for my first treatment to adjust my under bite which was quickly corrected. He and his staff treated me so well as a patient that I would also come back for braces eight years later. He was able to give me a smile that has inspired confidence in myself and in everything I do. If anybody is apprehensive or nervous about getting a treatment do yourself a favor and talk to Dr. Hukmani. Dr. Hukmani and his staff are the kindest and most caring people anybody can meet, and I see them as friends for the way they treated me and the beautiful work they have done for me.

Kristen B.

Dr. Hukmani worked with much skill, patience, and persistence as my son had a severely misguided tooth. He also took the time to explain to me all of the steps in my son’s treatment. I am happy to report he now has a beautiful smile, and we are all so pleased! Thank you Dr. Hukmani! He and his staff were always kind and gracious — my youngest son is now in also in braces with Dr. Hukmani so I don’t have to say good bye

Flo H.

My daughter started a two year treatment with Dr. Hukmani. The office is very accommodating with appointment scheduling. The staff is very professional and friendly, both offices are clean and kids friendly; they have movies, video games for all age level, Wi-Fi, coffee and water. Dr. Hukmani is very experienced, knowledgeable and patient with the kids. I had a very positive experience with Dr. Hukmani’s office. Nothing but the best service. Highly recommended!