Traveling with Braces: How to Prepare and Handle Dental Emergencies

Whether you’re the parent of a child with braces, an adult with braces or a teen with braces, the same advice for handling dental issues and emergencies while traveling apply. That advice, in a nutshell, is to be prepared.

With just a little effort you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about your braces. Dr. Navin Hukmani at Lansdowne Orthodontics offers advice on how to care for your braces and be prepared for a dental emergency no matter where you are. With these expert tips, you can enjoy your trip and feel like you’re in control.

Visit Your Dentist or Orthodontist

Before you trip, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve had a recent checkup with Dr. Hukmani to ensure you don’t have any loose wires or bands and that everything is in order before you leave.

Pack a Travel Kit

In addition to a bathing suit, sunglasses, appropriate footwear and all your toiletries, it’s a good idea to throw in a dental travel kit. Be sure to include dental wax, floss, a floss threader, and over the counter pain relievers such as Advil or Tylenol. Those items should get you through most dental issues. In addition to your regular toothbrush, bring a travel-sized one to throw in your bag as well.

Watch What You Eat

You may not be watching your waistline while on vacation that carefully but you still have to watch what you eat to avoid problems with your braces. Even on vacation, you need to steer clear of anything sticky, hard, chewy and crunchy. Also pass on foods that require biting into such as corn, apples, and carrots.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Vacation is also not a time to go rogue on proper oral hygiene habits. You can still have fun and relax but don’t forget to brush and floss after every meal, including snacks. Bring a travel toothbrush with you to make it easy when eating out or on the run. Drink plenty of water to help rinse away food particles, and keep you hydrated and energized.

Minimize Pain and Soreness

If you experience pain or soreness while traveling, you can take steps to relieve your dental issues and continue to enjoy your trip, until you return home and can see Dr. Hukmani. Issues such as loose wires or bands or any soreness and pain can be alleviated with properly placed dental wax and OTC pain relievers.

Find a Nearby Orthodontist

Understandably, you won’t be able to handle all emergencies. If a wire moves or you feel a wire poking you in your cheek or gums causing you pain, or a bracket or wire breaks, and wax doesn’t help, you may need expert help. Contact Lansdowne Orthodontist or the American Association of Orthodontists to find a qualified expert nearby to help you manage your dental emergency until you return home.

For more information about how to care for your braces and handle dental emergencies while traveling, call Dr. Hukmani at Lansdowne Orthodontics with offices in Leesburg and South Riding, Virginia or make an appointment online.

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